About Us

Hollywood Imprints was established in 2006 here in Columbus but had firm roots in California for 10 years prior to that.  We moved back to the mid-west to offer our girls an opportunity to be raised in a wholesome environment and the community has been all we could have hoped for.  
Our business has continued to flourish.  In our field of service, we have had the opportunity to be touched by those around us.  Whether it be for a fundraising event, a celebration of life or cheering on your favorite brand or team, Hollywood Imprints has been the brand, behind the brands you love!  We have printed and embroidered garments for 4 Superbowls, 2 World Series, 2 Stanley Cups, The Ohio State Buckeyes, Homage, Logan Paul, Rogue Fitness, Children's Hospital, The Relay for Life and much more.  
Regardless of where the economy takes us, people will always find comfort in their favorite tee.  It holds a memory, shows your passion, tells people where you've been and where you want to go....
We are family owned and operated.  We believe in sharing the burden and growing together.  Our philosophy and involvement in the community are what sets us apart from our industry competitors and we welcome the opportunity to share the experience with you!