Professional stitching on high-speed machines for high stitch quality.


Embroidery Services

We offer expert custom embroidery services in-house so you can be confident that your project will receive personal attention from our dedicated team.  Your embroidered, custom logo will ensure that your company or team's image comes to life!  Embroidered logos will be sure to get you notice when applied to a multitude of products ranging from corporate or casual apparel, hats, bags and other apparel items. Embroidery is the best solution for classic event apparel such as golf tournaments or charity functions. Embroidered logos on apparel increases your campaign's brand awareness, especially when all participants are wearing the same shirt, hat or other item.  Embroidery, above any other form of advertising, is by far the best for great exposure!

Embroidery is recommended for:

  • Corporate Promotions, Events, Branding, Uniforms
  • Medium to Large sizes Groups, Organizations or Businesses
  • Clothing Lines
  • Events
  • Charity 
  • Band or Artist Merchandise
  • RestaurantSports Teams 

Price Quote and Ordering 

When screen printing, letters can be smaller and colors can blend more intricately than in embroidery.  The advantage of embroidering your logo is the added texture, character, durability and eye-catching appearance!

Lettering is the biggest challenge in embroidery. Because we’re using needles and threads, letters must be no smaller than ¼ inch high. In addition, we may need adjust the font to keep the overall size appropriate for a shirt or other garment.

Since embroidered logos are measured in stitches, the more complex your logo is the higher the stitch count. Minimum specifications are required to achieve good results. Below are a few things to consider with the embroidery process:

  1. The minimum height of any text should be no less that 1/4″ – any smaller than this and the holes and shapes that make up the letters can start to close making the text look messy or even unreadable. If your logo has text that is smaller than this don’t panic! Let us have a look and we can generally find a way around it.
  2. All embroidered logos are measured in stitches. The bigger and more complex the logo, the longer it takes to digitize and sew. When you request a quote, our Logo Specialists will evaluate your logo – absolutely free – to determine what works best for you.
  3. To embroider your design we need to digitize it – this basically involves redrawing the design in special software that allows us to plot the position, size and direction of every single stitch. When we digitize your logo we have total control over the finished products.