Promotional Products

Promotional merchandise are products, often branded with a logo or slogan, used to promote your company or team.  Whether it be as simple as ink pens and coffee mugs or the latest technological gadget, the possibilities are endless and we're here to help! 

Why Buy Promotional Products?

Whether you're an advertising professional at a large corporation, a small business owner or a volunteer at a nonprofit organization, you're well aware of the endless possibilities that exist in the branding world.  Here at Hollywood Imprints, we can help you choose the correct option for your brand.  From travel mugs to personalized koozies, we have everything you need to advertise at the best price possible.

No matter your style or what you're looking for, we have custom logo products for everyone!  Reach out to us today so we can help get the process started for you and your company!

Who's Buying Promotional Products?

  • Schools
  • Restaurants and Bars 
  • Brewers/Distillers
  • Banks
  • Healthcare:  Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, etc. 
  • Not-For-Profit Organizations
  • Construction 
  • Government 
  • Real Estate: Agents, Title Companies, etc.
  • Automotive:  Manufacturers/Dealers/Part Suppliers
  • Professional:  Doctors/Lawyers/CPA's/Architects
  • Manufacturers
  • Insurance 
  • Hospitality:  Hotels and Motels 
  • Media:  Broadcast/Print Media 
  • Food:  Processors/Beverage 
  • Apparel: Manufacturers and Retailers
  • Petroleum:  Exploration/Refining/Distributors/Gas Stations 
  • Agriculture
  • Office Products and Supplies